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Release Notes

0.10.1 (Future release)

  • Added to outline contribution guidelines.

  • Remove deprecated enable_lifespan parameter 109


  • Remove WebSocket support to focus on HTTP #127.

  • Support multiValue headers in response #129. Thanks @koxudaxi!

  • Fix duplicate test names #134. Thanks @a-feld!

  • Run tests and release package using GitHub Actions #131. Thanks @simonw!

  • Only prefix a slash on the api_gateway_base_path if needed #138. Thanks @dspatoulas!

  • Add support to Brotli compress #139. Thanks @fullonic!


  • Make boto3 dependency optional #115


  • Improve documentation, include CHANGELOG in repo, and include release notes in documentation #111

  • Bugfix lifespan startup behaviour and refactor lifespan cycle, deprecate enable_lifespan parameter, document protocols. #108


  • Improve documentation #48

  • Resolve issue with rawQueryString in HTTP APIs using wrong type #105

  • Implement new WebSocket storage backends for managing connections (PostgreSQL, Redis, DyanmoDB, S3, SQlite) using a single dsn configuration parameter #103


I did not maintain a CHANGELOG prior to 0.9.0, however, I still would like to include a thank you to following people:

@lsorber @SKalt @koxudaxi @zachmullen @remorses @allan-simon @jaehyeon-kim

Your contributions to previous releases have greatly improved this project and are very much appreciated.

Special thanks to @tomchristie for all of his support, encouragement, and guidance early on, and @rajeev for inspiring this project.